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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Let Their Voices be Heard : World Ostomy Day Celebration

Six-months of caring from the moment we discovered that she was already suffering from the disease at its final stage,   I was able to kiss her in the forehead and whispered to her ears: “you have to rest now”  . . .  its time to say goodbye.  It was the last time I kissed my Mother.   It was an agonizing experience, which I hope others shall not suffer, especially the children and for those who survived, we only hope that they are being taken care of by their love ones celebrating life by letting their voices be heard. It is very difficult to let go your love ones.  We owe to them and to God our talent, which we must share for others to appreciate that life  is still worth living.  Although we might have not enough of what we have, it is the essence of sharing what we can, for others to appreciate the meaning of living and the true meaning of loving and caring.  


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